Visible Witness from the Intersection

a journey through the love of Christ reflecting the spectrum of gender and sexuality.

Resurrection Reflection from Pastor Derr April 4, 2010

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Wounds and new life: the ultimate visible witness.

Wounds and new life:  what God, in Christ, is all about.
Wounds and new life:  what life in Christ is all about.
Wounds and new life:  our visible witness.
For forty days we have been privileged to experience our sisters and brothers’ wounds; real wounds of separation, exclusion, denial, and betrayal; wounds which now made visible, once led and still might lead to professional, personal, and relational death.  Real wounds – visible wounds – like those the risen Christ showed to the disciples.
Visible Witness is helping us see that the wounds of some are the wounds of all.
In Christ, wounds are not our final experience.  New life is.  New life for wounders and woundees together in the wounded and risen One, Jesus Christ; healed life enabling us to live healing lives.
The risen Christ’s visible wounds are the witness to new and resurrected life.  Wounded, revived, made new and made one by our baptism into Christ, we can do nothing less than rejoice and be glad together so that, bound and made one together.
Wounds and new life in Christ:  our visible witness.  Thanks be to God!

-The Rev. Amandus J. Derr


Run Again March 12, 2010

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Today I thank God for Caster Semenya, a young woman from a poor township in South Africa who loves to run.  She used to train in the spiny brambles of the bush until her feet bled because she could not afford running shoes.  But she had a gift, and soon she was invited to compete nationally, and she won.   Then she was invited to compete at the World Championships in Berlin.  But she looked different, and people asked if she was really a woman.  The day before any big race is for resting, but the day before her race she was tested for her gender.  She was obligated to undergo a gynecological exam without her consent.  Nobody explained to her what they were doing and the results were leaked to the media.  She was 18, it was her first time abroad, and she felt violated and scared.  She won the gold medal anyway; her time for the 800 meters was 1:55:45.

But people did not leave her alone, they kept asking, was she male or female?  She knew she was a woman, but she was tired of the questions.  People used to look at her and see and champion, now they look at her differently.  She does not compete anymore. Today I pray for her to find peace, strength and to run again.

-Emily Davila