Visible Witness from the Intersection

a journey through the love of Christ reflecting the spectrum of gender and sexuality.

The Word of God Is Love March 28, 2010

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When I witness hatred of others because of those they love, I feel ashamed.  When I read about attacks on people because of those they love, I feel anger.  When I hear speech used as a weapon against others because of those they love, I feel weary.

But the hate of others, the attacks of others and the words of others are not my adversaries.  Fear is my adversary—my own fear as much as the fear of others.

I pray that the Word of God will enter the hearts, the hands and the mouths of others, and maybe that will come to pass.  But I know that the Word of God can enter my heart and take my shame from me.  I know that the Word of God can enter my hands and take my anger from me.  And I know that the Word of God can sustain my weary heart and help me love those who would hate me, those who would attack me and those who would call out against me.  For the Word of God is “love” and “love” is the only answer for fear.

-T.J. Fitzgerald


Letting Go of the Past March 26, 2010

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The internal and challenging struggles I faced as a teenager in trying to reconcile my inner feelings and the uncertainty with who I am with what was expected of me growing up in a conservative community on Long Island were great.

I was fortunate. I grew up in a loving home.  Mom made sure my brother and I went to Sunday school and confirmation class.  But there was the expectation that when I grew up I would get married to a woman and have children. And so through high school and into college I dated females, but it just didn’t feel right.

I had sensed for years that I was “different” but figuring it out took time.   It wasn’t until I met David that it clicked…  there were inner feelings that were bubbling up.  I had the internal conflicts of my upbringing; how was I going to let that go? 

Several months after meeting David, I confessed my feelings to him and that began what is now a relationship of more than 31 years.   

But what about letting go of the past and looking forward to the future? 

Slowly, the journey of letting going of the past began, first with coming out to some close friends and then eventually family.  There were some who didn’t understand or want to understand and accept me for who I am.  Unknowingly to me at that time, these people were the starting point of the process of letting go of the past.  Choices were made and my life moved on without them.   By this point I had become comfortable with who I am and no longer lived in the closet.

Volunteering with community activities has allowed me the opportunity to give my time and talents to the community.  It is my hope that through these activities I am setting an example for those who are struggling with their identity that it is okay to be gay.

– Paul Backstrom